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Terms & Conditions


Kismat Connection is an enterprise of M/S Ashok Patwardhan's Agency, Pune, Maharashtra, India, duly registered with the Govt. of Maharashtra State, Labor Ministry, as a proprietary firm dealing in various Internet based services.


Any persons from any part of the world, irrespective of their religion, caste, community, ethnicity, social status etc. but legally capable of contracting a marriage and also those whose matters for Divorce are pending in any court of law, may join here to search for a suitable life-partner.

The basic membership is free to all.

The advantage of a Free Registration is that their profile displayed at the website will be seen by the other people who are on the lookout for a suitable life-partner for themselves or their relative, friend etc.

However, such registration will not entitle them to obtain or see the contact details, i.e. the phone nos., e-mail ID, Residential or workplace address of any other members, even if the other party has expressed interest or accepted their interest.

They will however be entitled to "Express Interest" to any other members who seem to fit in their criteria. A message to convey this interest will go out to the relevant matching member and if that member approves the proposal, meaning that he/she accepts the interest, a message conveying this fact will also be sent to the first approving member.

The interested members may also request for the photo or Horoscope details etc. from such mutually accepted members.

However, unless one of such mutually approved members is a Paid member, no further correspondence can take place between them.

Only the Paid members are allowed to see the contact details and send mesages or initiate the chat session etc. with the other members after the mutual approval and in that, even with the unpaid members.

When a sufficient no. of responses appear, the Free Members may consider the Upgrade by paying the appropriate fees as per the relevant membership plan, which will entitle them to see the contact details of such mutually interested members only.

All members are better advised to use e-mails and chatting outside this website for any further correspondence with each other after the preliminary contacts, so that our website is accessible to the maximum no. of people across the world.

A member whose Plan Period has expired the term, shall then automatically become a Free Member and then all the provisions applicable to the free members shall apply to his / her profile.

The Membership Fee may be paid in cash or by a money-order payable to M/S Ashok Patwardhan's Agency, at our office on any working day during the office time. (Address is given at the "Contact Us" page) Demand Drafts may be drawn in favor of "M/S Ashok Patwardhan's Agency" and sent by post or courier or by hand etc. in case of Indian Citizens or NRIs.

The Indo-Foreign nationals may transfer the fees via Paypal to our account there under the e-mail ID – <info@silkwebnet.com>.

In every case, pl. inform the fact of such payment with complete details at our e-mail ID – contact@silkwebnet.com and retain the receipts for proof.

Fees once paid are NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.

Kismat Connection may cancel your membership if any knowingly false information is provided with malicious / deceptive i

Kismat Connection retains all rights to change rules and procedures as and when required, without any prior notice and without assigning any reasons.

Kismat Connection is not responsible for the authenticity of information given by any of it's members.

Due care should be taken by the persons concerned by checking all the given particulars with the necessary documentary evidence and other types of private investigation / inquiries.

Kismat Connection is not responsible for any postal / courier service delays.

We do not carry out the Horoscopic matches.

(Members of Kismat Connection are requested to inform us of their wedding and kindly delete their profiles once they have found a suitable match and enter in a holy matrimony with any person.

We sincerely request all those members who have managed to find their life-partners through us, to record their success stories with photos on this website.

May you all find your happiness here as per your wishes, God-bless)